Helmet Customization – New Cool Way to Look at Motorcycle Helmets

Most probably you would be well accustomed with the word custom helmets but in case you are not let me help you with it. A custom motorcycle helmet is the one which is made on the basis of specifications that you give while ordering it. You can expect it to have custom size, cool graphics, or awesome looking Mohawks.

Although markets are flooded with multiple types of helmets but then people are different and so are their choices and these differences have given rise to custom helmet manufacturers. Different companies exist and they offer different types of helmets based on the needs to customers.

Some of the big names in the custom Hemet making are McCall Colors, Garcia Custom Airbrush, Be Unique, Helmet Guy, Helmets and Heroes, Iron Horse Helmets, Helmet Store, and many more. Apart from these big companies there are some people who are not very well known but they are also running a one man show.

If we come to the basics of helmet customization then everything boils down to two features: 1) Airbrushing and 2) Painting. Customization starts on a helmet with solid colours like white or black. If it has to be started on coloured helmets then they are first painted in solid colours like dull black or white. Customization can be performed on any type of helmet whether it is a full face, modular, or half shell helmet.

The prices for customization differs greatly from one company to another. Even the people who do the job for peanuts charge like $150. Companies that offer better customization generally have the starting prices of $300.

A local company Garcia Custom Airbrush offers different styles in helmet painting and airbrushing. The prices ranging from very minimum art work to complex and comprehensive work like ‘flakes’, ‘skulls’, ‘thunders’, ‘glow effects’, and much more.

Hope you will find this article useful.